Quinoa Bread

quinoa breadQuinoa seeds are a grain-like crop that is grown for its seeds. Quinoa is not a true grain and its relatives are actually beets and spinach. Originating from South America, the seed was grown for food before corn or maize by the Incas. The Quinoa seed was valued highly by the Incas as it was a large portion of their daily nutritional intake and was pounded and made into Quinoa bread.

The nutritional value of the Quinoa seed is very high and makes a great breakfast treat as well as a perfect healthy base for many tasteful recipes. Containing an excellent blend of essential amino acids, dietary fiber, phosphorus, magnesium and iron make the Quinoa seed almost a perfect food. In addition, Quinoa is easy for the body to digest and is gluten-free.

By using Quinoa flour in your baking and for Quinoa bread, you are getting not only a tasty delight, but a large portion of the necessary daily nutritional needs. This unique flour is available at your health food store, online, and at grocery stores who have recently realized the importance of offering such healthy products.

Quinoa flour is generally heavy and dense and can be combined with regular flour to create a lighter bread. With this in mind, it is important to begin with a lower ratio of Quinoa flour and work the ratio up until the right combination has been reached. Many new bakers begin with Quinoa flour making up about 20% of the flour portion and then adjust accordingly in the following batches of Quinoa bread.

If you decide for your Quinoa bread recipe to use 100% Quinoa flour, you will end up with bread, or other baked goods, with a “truffle-like” texture. You might find that a 40/60 or 50/50 ratio will work great. All purpose flour should not be completely replaced as it does have different properties and texture that is needed for other cooking and baking purposes.

Once you have found the right ratio of Quinoa flour for your favorite bread recipe, you will soon be adding this nutty flavored flour to other recipes as well. With the busy lives that we live today, getting enough fiber and other essential daily requirements is sometimes a challenge. Quinoa bread allows you to add those depleted nutrients without losing any flavor or a major change in your diet.

There are a number of different recipes for Quinoa bread. Bread recipes that are made mixed by hand or with a bread machine. Recipes that call for added sweetness such as brown sugar or honey to extra texture such as rye flakes or oats. You will find recipes that use Quinoa flour, whole wheat flour and all purpose flour.

Of course, there is more than just plain Quinoa bread. You can make Quinoa corn bread, Quinoa banana bread or even Quinoa muffins. But if you’re not into baking all the time, several loaves of Quinoa bread should be sufficient for a week or so as it takes your morning toast and coffee to a whole new level.

Due to the nutty flavor that Quinoa seeds have, the flavor may be a little different than you’re used to. By using the flour in baking, such as Quinoa bread recipes, the taste meets the challenge. Adding to or replacing your all purpose flour with Quinoa flour, you will not only be adding taste but an increase to your daily nutritional intake.

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